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Welcome you to our world "International Karate Union Bangladesh" (IKUBD)

The International Karate Union Bangladesh (IKUBD) was founded to promote and develop Karate-do in the Republic of Bangladesh, which All style of Karate-do founded by some of the most respected Karateka with a great karate history and associations of Karate organization of Bangladesh in 2015. Abdullah-Al-Mamun is the founder General Secretary of IKUBD to develop and promote Karate in the Republic of Bangladesh with some of the most respected people with a great karate dedication.

IKUBD only country sole authority representatives/affiliated member to the International Karate Union (IKU) since 2015. The object aimed of IKUBD, Earnestly trying heart and soul keen to promote, development and popularity to Karate-do in Bangladesh.

IKUBD conducted training in the Honbu Dojo at BIAM School Math of Bangladesh in Dhaka as well as Uttara Dojo, Sanarpar and also several districts & Divisional Dojo of Bangladesh. IKUBD conducted special / technical training seminar / upgrading and yearly National Karate-do Championships.

To represent of IKUBD also participated in the international technical Seminar, Dan Grading, and Referee Seminer/Clinic & Championships of National & International.

Yours in International Karate Union Bangladesh.

Abul Kalam Azad (President)
Abdullah Al Mamun (Founder, Secretary General & Country Head Instructor)

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